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Post  40dollardates on Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:44 pm

Using to its Max Potential: is a portal to all things free in Los Angeles. OUR site would not be possible (nor a $40 date) If it wasn’t for our association with this site. So here is how I used it last weekend. I met this artsy chic, (Christ they are all artsy) and I had a full day with her (dang! A whole day of blowing money!) so I went right away to our free section, looked up the day…and presto…
Art walk, then to a gallery opening with free lunch, the Fashion Institute had a huge display of academy award winning costumes, then off to a free indie screening and cinespace with free appetizers and then off to her place with three bottles of 2 buck chuck…total cost $6.83…and three bottles of wine later and…well you know…


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